“It was very different growing up here compared to living in the city, and so very enjoyable. I got to spend lots of time outside, going to the beach and working on the land. When I was a young kid, we stayed a fair bit down at Island Beach and I still love it there. I always have a great time being with animals. About eight or nine years ago, we had Joel Salatin come here from America to teach us more about farming. He told dad that we had an opportunity to follow our 600 Angus cows with chooks, so I started to research a heap about it. Then I started bugging dad to set up a little chicken business and said I’d do it. I said we could have around 130 chooks but once we got started, it got bigger from there. Now we have 1800 chickens, with 450 new ones coming soon. Adam’s Eggs is the name of the business and it has taken off, shipping eggs with KI Freight to Iannace who move them all around Adelaide for us, to places like Foodland. Mum does all the marketing and packing, dad and me do the paddock work. Usually, I go down to get the eggs in the morning after breakfast and see if I need to do water and feed. My mum and older sister Chantal school me; I have been home for three years. The great thing is I can go elsewhere and do something when I am finished. I do miss my friends, but I see them at football in winter and sailing in summer. I now have seven chicken trailers, and I move the trailers every day in the afternoon with a little garden tractor. Once a week I feed the chickens and fill up their water. I go back down for a second time to get more eggs in the afternoon, then I take a break for the rest of the day. Only sometimes, when we have new chickens arriving, dad and me go out at night and make sure the chickens get lifted up onto the roost so they are in the right spot and get used to sitting there. Just after we started with Adam’s Eggs, we got our first dog because the eagles were getting some chooks every day. Once we had our three Maremma dogs, Napolean, Sheppard and Drover, the eagles didn’t really stick around. I am very passionate about being on the farm, I love working. I would like to be a farmer when I am an adult, having my chickens follow the cattle, basically what we are doing now. I can’t imagine moving away from here, I wouldn’t want to leave the farm. I hope to take over from Dad one day.” Adam

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I am a German living in South Australia. We lost our home and farm in the Kangaroo island summer bushfires. I love travelling, reading, beach walks, board games, watching movies and spending time with my family.

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