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“I have a lot to thank Mum and Dad for, especially Mum with her love of books, languages, music and encouragement. I was born in Whyalla, where I loved to play “schools” in our cubby house with a little German girl. We taught each other how to pronounce tricky words in our own languages, andContinue reading “Ann”


“We come from a poor background in the Philippines, so ever since we moved here, we’ve just got these opportunities that we would never get in the Philippines and it would probably be like a dream to some of the people in the Philippines. Over there, sometimes we didn’t have enough money to buy certainContinue reading “Shakira”


“During and after the second world war, my sister and I stayed both with our maternal grandmother because our parents were far away in Norway. In hindsight that was a good time for us both. With grandmother, you could come with everything to her, it stayed on with me in life. Grandmother lived there inContinue reading “Gisela”


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Meet the amazing Humans of Kangaroo Island

A film and literature festival at Parndana Town Hall on 8th – 10th October 2021 celebrating resilience in any aspect of life and spanning over two evenings and one Sunday morning family session. A community event to bring us all together showcasing the versatility, culture, identity and history of our island people, organised by Humans of Kangaroo Island in collaboration with Smart Future Creative and the Kangaroo Island Tourism Alliance. Program and tickets to be released soon.

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Fundraiser a success

Total funds raised $59,260.00

Update, 15th February 2021 – Humans of Kangaroo Island have now also equipped 20 farm firefighters who lost their communication device in the 2019/20 bushfires with replacement UHF’s and car kits. Six strategically located Quick fill pumps have been located around the island to help the community in a severe fire season again. Thank you to The Hospital Research Foundation for their ongoing support with this project. Also a big thank you to locals Brad Jamieson from Jamieson Marine and Peter Ingram from Ingram’s Home and Hardware for helping me organise and hand out the pumps and UHFs. There is no I in team and I couldn’t do it without your support, much appreciated.


People make a place. Kangaroo Island is a tight-knit community of hard-working, positive and self-motivated individuals from all parts of the world that keep inspiring each other every day in every way. Here you find people passionate about farming, food, art, animals and nature and you feel home in a heartbeat as you’re accepted into this warm and welcoming place.

All stories and pictures are © Humans of Kangaroo Island

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“In quoting others, we cite ourselves.”

~ Julio Cortazar

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