Stories of real islanders told by a fellow islander

Since starting the project in August 2020, hundreds of stories of islanders have been told to re-connect, uplift and inspire the Kangaroo Island community and those around us. Through raw and authentic storytelling, the project managed to raise over $81,000 for the island community to recover from devastating fires and through a pandemic.

As our little family recovers from the bushfires as well, I’d love to continue making Humans of Kangaroo Island without thinking about how to pay for it. So if you’re in a good place right now, and these stories have enriched your life, you might consider contributing to its creation by ‘buying me a cuppa’ below. Thank you!

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“I wasn’t born here, but I moved here when I was one. Kangaroo Island is all I remember. Because there is so much open spaces and nature, you are always kind of outside at the beaches. Growing up, that had a huge impact on my inspiration, my work, and what connects me back to my…


“Family legend has it, that I was conceived on Kangaroo Island in the winter of ‘69. Which says a lot about my innate love of the ocean, beach, eucalyptus and of course, the dreaded koala. My wonderful grandparents once ran a farm in Cygnet River. My mum and her siblings grew up on the farm…


“It was very different growing up here compared to living in the city, and so very enjoyable. I got to spend lots of time outside, going to the beach and working on the land. When I was a young kid, we stayed a fair bit down at Island Beach and I still love it there.…


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Summary of the project

Told 53 stories and counting…

Held a community festival

Raised $62,310 for KI’s farm firefighters

Won Community Champion award at Advertiser/Sunday Mail SA Woman Awards

Sold 496 books in the first month after release

Handed out 150 woollen blankets and first aid kits to local farm firefighters

Raised $4,913.55 for local childcare centre

Handed out 75 more PPE kits to local farmers

Published a hardcover and eBook

Inducted into SA Women Honour Roll 2021 for rebuilding communities through storytelling

Purchased 6 quick fill pimps for the island in preparation for next fire

Raised over $10,000 for fire-devastated sports club through book sales

Thank you to all our partners and supporters who have helped make this possible.

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Fundraising to make an impact

Total funds raised: $77,223.55

How can you help?

Update, 29th January 2022 – We have now sold over 500 copies of the Humans of Kangaroo Island book and raised over $10,000 for the Western Districts Sports Centre towards the rebuild of their playground after the devastation of the Black Summer fires.

Update, 30th November 2021 – On the 28th November 2021, Humans of Kangaroo Island once again supported the local CFS with their annual FFU (farm firefighting unit) induction day and handed out 150 woollen blankets and 150 first aid kits to local farm firefighters to better equip, prepare and protect them during future fires.

Update, 11th October 2021 – Over a three-day event called the Humans of Kangaroo Island Film and Literature Festival, held in October in Parndana, we gave local talent a stage and showcased their projects such as short films, poetry, documentaries and book readings. Takings from the ticket sales went towards new play equipment at the Parndana Community Children’s Centre.

Update, 30th June 2021 – Thanks to the Hospital Research Foundation’s support and large donation, Humans of Kangaroo Island has now received and packed 75 more PPE kits and safety equipment for local farm firefighters which will be handed out over the next few weeks.

Update, 15th February 2021 – Humans of Kangaroo Island have now also equipped 20 farm firefighters who lost their communication device in the 2019/20 bushfires with replacement UHF’s and car kits. Six strategically located Quick fill pumps have been located around the island to help the community in a severe fire season again.


People make a place. Kangaroo Island is a tight-knit community of hard-working, positive and self-motivated individuals from all parts of the world that keep inspiring each other every day in every way. Here you find people passionate about farming, food, art, animals and nature and you feel home in a heartbeat as you’re accepted into this warm and welcoming place.

All stories and pictures are © Humans of Kangaroo Island

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