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“When you love people and have the desire to make a profound, positive impact upon the world, then will you have accomplished the meaning to live.”

~ Sasha Azevedo

Update on 30 June 2021

Kangaroo Island Farm Firefighters Fundraiser

Total funds raised: $62,310.00

Thanks to the Hospital Research Foundation’s support and large donation, Humans of Kangaroo Island has now received and packed 75 more PPE kits and safety equipment for local farm firefighters which will be handed out over the next few weeks.

Humans of Kangaroo Island is still receiving funds for the Farm Firefighters Fundraiser from multiple generous donors and have also been able to financially support the Lang family in purchasing a plaque for the Playford Highway memorial commemorating Dick and Clayton Lang’s ultimate sacrifice during the 2019/20 fires.

Update on 15 February 2021

Kangaroo Island Farm Firefighters Fundraiser

Total funds raised: $59,260.00

Humans of Kangaroo Island have now also equipped 20 farm firefighters who lost their communication devices in the 2019/20 bushfires with replacement UHF’s and car kits. Six strategically located Quick fill pumps have now also been placed around the island to help the community in a severe fire season again. See the map to find the pump closest to you, and contact the caretaker of the pump if you are in need of assistance during a fire. Thank you to The Hospital Research Foundation for their ongoing support and generous donation towards this project. Also a big thank you to KI locals Brad Jamieson from Jamieson Marine and Peter Ingram from Ingram’s Home and Hardware for helping me organise and hand out the pumps and UHFs. There is no I in team and I couldn’t do it without your support which is very much appreciated.

Update on 7 December 2020

Kangaroo Island Farm Firefighters Fundraiser

In November 2020, Humans of Kangaroo Island told the stories of 11 local farm firefighters who have experienced incredible hardship and challenges throughout the 2019/20 Black Summer Bushfires. Alongside these stories, fundraising raised a total of $59,260 in just over two months with the help of auctions, many business and private supporters and generous donations from partners. Humans of Kangaroo Island successfully equipped 150 farm firefighters with PPE clothing and safety equipment on the 6th of December 2020.

If you would like to support our fundraisers or have a collaboration idea that will help the greater community, please get in touch.

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