I love storytelling and hoped to make an impact within our community in this very unique way.”

Humans of Kangaroo Island started as a distraction for me after going through a disaster in early 2020. I didn’t want to think about the bushfire and being homeless anymore, I wanted to hear some positive stories.

After losing everything in the Black Summer fires and having to relocate to a town 100 kilometres away, I felt unsettled and lost. I decided to get to know my new community and neighbours by chatting with them over a cuppa.

A few conversations in, I realised how much this was helping me, it was becoming a big part of my healing journey after facing adversity. I hoped to bring everyone back together, bring the community a little bit closer, so I decided to put this project online, make it accessible to everyone and call it Humans of Kangaroo Island.

The idea was to re-connect community members after the 2019/20 bushfires, get to know each other on a different level and close the gap COVID-19 created shortly after the fires with the restrictions slowing down our disaster recovery process.

Humans of Kangaroo Island has since told many islander stories and is creating a positive impact. Our very first fundraiser in November 2020 organised specifically for the local farm firefighters raised over $65,000.

As our little family recovers, I’d love to continue making Humans of Kangaroo Island without thinking about how to pay for it. So if you’re in a good place right now, and the work has enriched your life over the years, I hope you’ll consider contributing to its creation by joining the Patreon or buying me a cuppa below. Thank you!

Humans of Kangaroo Island is featured in the collaborative Open for Business campaign by Tourism Australia, The National Recovery and Resilience Agency and news.com.au