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“I was born in Burra in South Australia; my dad was a Postmaster, so we moved around a lot in my younger years. From Burra, we moved to Canberra when I was only a little girl. Then we moved to a place called Wirrabarra in the Flinders Ranges, and I went to school there inContinue reading “Bev”


“I’ve had lots of happy times in my life like going to Germany to see my grandparents, and every single Christmas and Easter, but the saddest time of my life was when our house burned and we didn’t have a place to live anymore. Like a place with memories. We lived at Pop’s block inContinue reading “Jordan”


“I have had lots of good moments in my life but plenty of bad ones. The good, the bad, the ugly, all of those things make me who I am today. Born in Sydney, Bondi baby, a little nudie running down by the water. Mum was a single mum with four kids, we were battlers,Continue reading “Donni”


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