“We come from a poor background in the Philippines, so ever since we moved here, we’ve just got these opportunities that we would never get in the Philippines and it would probably be like a dream to some of the people in the Philippines. Over there, sometimes we didn’t have enough money to buy certain things, and we had to just get by, just got to get through it. Since the education over there was purely based on the Philippines, I didn’t know anything about countries and other places. It was a tough journey coming over because my mum didn’t know English that well, she had broken English, and I was only six, I only knew my native language which is Tagalog. It was really hard to navigate actually in the airports and everything because we didn’t understand anything. I just thought it was a holiday because I was so young and literally going to school up until the day before as well. When my Mum said that we were permanently moving here, I just said, ‘Oh ok,’ but I didn’t understand what that meant because I was just a little kid. My mom wanted me to be bilingual, but it was really hard because I wanted to just speak Tagalog. I had to learn English, and then sometimes I would forget, and I would mix the languages up, but I think I’ve gotten the hang of it now. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else now, to be honest. It’s just a good island and everyone here is so close, it is a tight-knit community. Over here, if you have a problem or anything, there is always someone to help you out. The whole community would in any way they can. That is the special thing on Kangaroo Island and I don’t think you’ll find it anywhere else really. I’ve always felt home here, I just miss my other home sometimes. We have a big family over there, my mum has eleven siblings, some are in England or America too, and we used to visit every two years and have like a full family reunion. Ever since Covid hit, we’ve just been stressed but still hope to go over next year when our great-grandma turns 100. I am in year 11 now, but I’m looking at getting a business major in Uni and hopefully by then, I could help make a family business that we could all work in together. My mum had to work really hard in school, and ever since she graduated she helped her other siblings get educated because her family didn’t have enough money. She just hasn’t stopped working and I want to help her out one day so she can relax over here. I am not sure what it is going to be like when I move to Adelaide but I am kind of excited to try out a new lifestyle and everything. I don’t really like change so much, so I am having mixed feelings really but I am not dreading it. I do want to go. It’s a good opportunity.”

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I am a German living in South Australia. We lost our home and farm in the Kangaroo island summer bushfires. I love travelling, reading, beach walks, board games, watching movies and spending time with my family.

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