International Women’s Day 2021

Let’s celebrate all the wonderful women in our community, the ones before us and the ones still coming, the ones that influenced and inspired us. We are lucky to have so many amazing role models for our children on this island.

Here are some wonderful quotes of a few of those.

Happy International Women’s Day!

“For this and other environmental work, I proudly received the Young Achiever for Kangaroo Island for the year, about 27 years ago. I was also a finalist in the Young Australian of year awards.” Nikki

“Either way, it will involve my love of the country, women’s health and babies, and I just hope that I’m just really bloody useful.” Susie

“So, opening my tertiary admissions letter and being accepted into my dream course was a massive shock. I am studying a Bachelor of Clinical Sciences and a Doctor of Medicine.” Ayisha

“I had no idea about the citizen of the year nomination. I felt embarrassed. I just go about life and do stuff and don’t expect anybody to take much notice’. I’d rather just quietly keep going along. I don’t get too emotional usually but I got emotional. It is an honour.” Madelyn

“I feel like I have been given the love for writing to help spread that message that I feel passionate about. There is no better playground to me, man-made stuff can be amazing, but compared to what Mother Nature brings it’s nothing in comparison. I know how amazing wild places are, I would love to share that with everyone.” Becky

“Mum made butter, grew our veggies, and sewed our clothes. She did everything. At the same time, she managed the occasional art workshop, was on committees and ferried us to our sports. She is my number 1 role model.” Jan

“The five generations of his family have allowed us to nurture and nourish another generation because of their hard work.” Jayne

“When I look around me, I see many good people doing good things, so I have hope. For my own part, I am moving towards a simpler, more self-sufficient and creative life.” Phillipa

“The doctors always say I am unique. They’ve tried to work it out but the reality is that maybe I shouldn’t need to know. Maybe I just get on with life, do what you can for you and your community.” Chelsea

“I never had to deal with anything remotely close to this, and have never experienced a fire. It’s a learning curve and you learn a lot about yourself, what you are capable of. That you can get through things and be happy again.” Maren

“My grandma was a huge influence on my life; my Mum’s mum was amazing. After my grandpa died, she went out at the age of 70-something and got her licence. An amazing woman in the way she took on life.” Sandy

“I had a crash course on firefighting on the 20th of December; a run through on how the unit works, how you turn on the motor and how you actually talk on the radio so people know your site. We had two hours to prepare everything; clean the gutters, hose everything down, bring everything in. Then it was on.” Alex

“Volunteering is rewarding, a great way to meet new people and make a difference where you live. I love Kangaroo Island.” Meaghan

“The women on the island are inspirational; I find every woman on the island is amazing. It takes quite a lot for a woman to live on a rural island.” Amanda

“I wanted to create a life where I don’t need to chase the weekends or times away. To me it’s not even like a job, I am just out here playing. There is still more to come, my business is still evolving.” Jane“I think, humans have a profound ability to make their world better and more just, but we have to consciously do it.” Margi

“But life is what you make it. I learned, no matter what I did in life, I learned. You learn every day and I am still learning. Life has been good to me.” Joy

Share in the comments who the most inspiring woman in your life is!

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