“My grandma’s husband was a very smart man and from very early on he would get me into market places in Paris and into fossicking to find antiques then. He was very into art, had a crazy collection of books with a library in his house. He was a wealthy man and had all those collectable items, I think it is where I got into that, the antiques, the books, the reading, the poetry, the arts.

I got into DIY by trial and error. When I landed here 7 years ago, I found the Lion’s mart. The first time I went I found a big gigantic silky oak buffet with a dark varnish coat over the top and I thought ‘I wonder what’s underneath it?’ I took it home sanded it back, put a clear varnish over the top, and I still have it and it’s amazing. I like to get my hands dirty; I like to give it a go. Thanks god for YouTube. It’s not always fair and square but it holds up, that’s all matters.

I was born in France; in Corsica, on an island too. But mine is four times bigger and 250,000 people compared to 4500 here. It is a bit more for outgoing lifestyle; everyone loves a good party, bit of a party island. Different vibe, but both really good.

I finished year 12 early, I was only 15 years old as I jumped two classes in my primary schooling. I ended up in Paris, straight to Uni, did 4 years and a degree in interior design. When I graduated, I, later on, took a job in Sydney and that is how I ended up in Australia as an interior designer for one year. I loved it so much that I afterwards decided to apply for a working holiday visa, travelled for a year and then ended up on Kangaroo Island. I found my home on KI, I am happy here. It’s been seven and a half years now and I have always worked in seafood because I am passionate of it. Now my son is going to school, I decided to go back to my roots which is home design. I love repurposing things in general and spend a lot of time fossicking through op shops and the Lion’s mart—I am there every Friday. I always find something that I can give a second life to. I don’t like to buy things that won’t last for the sake of buying. I like when things have history and you look at it and think, ‘that used to belong to someone who probably cherished it before, so I am going to give it a bit of TLC and it will probably last me a lifetime.’ This is what I am passionate about.”

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I am a German living in South Australia. We lost our home and farm in the Kangaroo island summer bushfires. I love travelling, reading, beach walks, board games, watching movies and spending time with my family.

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