“I love those moments where you say, ‘Wow, I am really happy right now,’ and for me, that is pretty much anytime I am somewhere in nature and somewhere where you’re away from the city and people when you can kind of just be and exist. I love forests and I love the sea; I do love camping and hiking. We moved here when I was about five and I’ve lived here ever since. It’s been the best place to grow up because some of the experiences you have when you are a kid and you think are totally normal, like going to the beach and having the entire beach to yourself, you get nowhere else. You go to Adelaide and I’ve met people there that have never really been to the beach or don’t go swimming, it’s incredible. I live half on KI, and half in Adelaide because I am studying right now. I am studying media arts, film and movie making and a bit of digital effects and stuff. There are three main areas that are sort of my passions, I guess. Music is a huge thing for me, films of course, and art as well like painting and stuff. I love music and I have been writing for a long time but nobody knew because I didn’t want people to know. Up until recently when I posted something on Facebook. I love anything creative, that is my strongest suit, but I can’t do Math to save my life. I’d love to go into music and be a musician, but I don’t see that happening either because it’s really hard, so film is the next best thing to that. Films always had a really big impact on my life and I’ve sort of always been able to relate the world back to the things you see in your favourite movies. For me movies and cinema has always been so much more than just like entertainment, I think it’s the perfect place for me to end up, looking at how much I loved movies and stuff when I was a kid. I’ve loved the Lord of the Rings movies and The Hobbit and all of the Spielberg stuff. They are very cool, that is why I was originally hoping to get into big movies and the ultimate goal with film was making huge films that are shown in cinemas. But now I think I’m leaning more towards documentary and smaller films and telling stories about the smaller thing; I’d love to do stuff on nature and things—I think that’s where I’m headed. When I was trying to work out what I wanted to do, I decided that I didn’t want to be stuck in an office job or doing something I didn’t like because work is so much of your time and it’s not just to support your life. If your happy life is only the times you have outside of work, then you’re mostly miserable and if you’re in a job that you don’t like, 9-5 every day, then you’re not going to be happy. I had such a clear idea when I went to university, and then in the last couple of years, it’s just kind of shifted around and now I’m not really sure. I think that’s the really interesting thing; how when you’re a kid, you see adults and think that they know everything, and now I am sort of like an adult, but I’m just kind of like, ‘Oh my God, we were so wrong when we were kids.’ I know nothing, I still have no idea what’s going on.”

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I am a German living in South Australia. We lost our home and farm in the Kangaroo island summer bushfires. I love travelling, reading, beach walks, board games, watching movies and spending time with my family.

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