“I was born in Adelaide but I have always lived on the farm at Seal Bay. My memories of being little is catching fish; I remember doing that a lot and it was something we always did together.

I love going outdoors to the beach and fishing; that is one of my favourite things to do. Everyone in our family enjoys fishing and it is something that makes us all very happy. We go down to Middle River because there is lots of mullet down there and we know we’re going to catch some fish, even on a bad day. We also love going camping on long weekends, and during the long 7-week holidays, and it is always a really good time.

It was pretty tough when Mum and Dad were separated and we were all very confused and didn’t know what’s happening. But when our family got back on track again, we all felt so much happier and had a much better house to live in. The fires were a scary and panicky time when we were packing everything up and leaving, and didn’t know where Dad was out in the fire. We couldn’t call him and that wasn’t very reassuring. It definitely brought us closer together; after that, we definitely knew how much we meant to each other.

Dad has taught me a lot out on the farm, just talking about sheep health, planning sheep yards and just random stuff. He has always been good at Math so he has helped me with my Math homework; he is very supportive. I love farming but I wouldn’t want to study agriculture. I want to end up living on a farm though because I love the lifestyle. In my gap year I want to go to the Defence Force, study nursing there and then after that go to Uni and study to become a midwife or even higher, an obstetrician or something, but not sure yet. I’ve always really liked babies and have been really interested in childbirth and that, so I want to do that. The Defence Force will be a great opportunity; and a great experience.

I love my netball and surfing and trying to get better at surfing. I also like tennis a lot. I just love all my sport. It’s good to live here, it is fun because you can hang out with your friends at the beach and not many people are going to be there. You know you can be free, do whatever you want whereas if I lived in Adelaide, you couldn’t really do the same things we do. I want to live on Kangaroo Island, I want to go up for my Uni but definitely come back to live back here so my kids can have the same experiences that I had growing up.”

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I am a German living in South Australia. We lost our home and farm in the Kangaroo island summer bushfires. I love travelling, reading, beach walks, board games, watching movies and spending time with my family.

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